ET EnergieTechnologie: company



ET EnergieTechnologie is a private owned and independent company under the legal state of a GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung). As a small enterprise (SME) ET EnergieTechnologie guarantees strict confidentiality for each customer.
ET EnergieTechnologie is a test-service provider for the international automotive and aerospace industry.
Furthermore the company engineers and operates specific test plants in close cooperation with the customer.

Focus on innovation and customer oriented services
Since its foundation in 1997 ET EnergieTechnologie has extended its competences and infrastructure in the fields of hydrogen technology and facility engineering. Investigation in infrastructure is an essential part of the ET philosophy to comply with the increasing needs of the customers.
The testing focus lies on innovative hydrogen storage systems and their components as well as on mobile applications in the automotive and aerospace sector.
Flexibility and efficiency
The national and international customers benefit from the high flexibility and efficiency of ET EnergieTechnologie. This results from the flat hierarchy and the profound qualification of the ET team, consisting of highly educated and experienced engineers and physicists.