High-pressure testing:
hydrogen gas cycle tests

For high-pressure hydrogen testing, ET EnergieTechnologie has developed a fully automated and cost-efficient procedure for gas recollection for cycle tests. The tests can be performed in a 24/7 mode and parallel in up to three independent test cells.

Tests of storage systems and components
  • According to applicable standards (e.g. EIHP)
  • Under variable environmental conditions (- 40 °C up to + 85 °C and beyond)
  • Fueling with pre-cooled gas (down to - 40 °C and up to 87,5 MPa)
  • Application of customer defined refuelling and depletion procedures
Flexible and comprehensive test specifications
  • Potential integration of customer control units (CAN-Bus, special measurement systems, etc.) as well as test-hardware into the ET infrastructure
  • Application of mass spectrometry for monitoring of permeation and emission
  • Execution of tests in underground safety chambers, e.g. with pre-damaged hydrogen vessels beyond certification tests