ET EnergieTechnologie offers special service for cryogenic applications in automotive industry based on more than 15 years of cooperation with leading car manufacturers. Our engineering and testing supports customers development projects in all phases starting from scientific material investigation over component level up to full systems level. The highly qualified test engineers are able to support our customer within the early development phase from prototype to series production according to needs and requirements. For certification purposes we work together with notified bodies from around the world. The testing focus lies on innovative hydrogen storage and transfer systems and their components as well as on mobile applications in the automotive and aerospace sector. Three specialized laboratories are available for cryogenic testing activities covering the range from ambient (liquid) to pressure up to 40 MPa (supercritical) hydrogen.

Liquid hydrogen testing

Development and testing services are provided for liquid hydrogen storage systems.

Development tests

Measurements are directed to determine

  • Temperatures
  • Pressures
  • Boil-off rates
  • Mechanical strain, etc.
  • Thermal properties

Validation and safety tests

Based on the applicable standards and on customer requirements ET EnergieTechnologie typically performs tests like

  • Lifetime endurance testing
  • Determination of burst pressures
  • Vacuum failure and hydrogen release including ignition

Cryo compressed hydrogen testing

Latest developments in mobile hydrogen storage applications are directed to cryogenic systems (CryocompressedH2 = CcH2) operating at pressures up to 40 MPa and temperatures down to 20 K. ET EnergieTechnologie has installed adequate test infrastructure to fulfill customer requirements also under these extreme conditions for component and system testing. Endurance and rigidity tests under operating conditions are major goals of these testing activities.